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Five Benefits of Getting Expert Legal Representation when Going Through a Divorce Proceeding

Posted by Tullos Law, LLC | Dec 07, 2020

Are you contemplating divorce, and wondering what your life will look like after this major life event?

Have you and your current or former spouse attended a family mediation session, and come away feeling frustrated, angry, or defeated?

Have you been served paperwork, and are unsure how to respond?

Are you wondering whether you'll have to take on your ex's debts, who will get the house, or how to establish a parenting plan?

Have you reviewed the court-supplied divorce packet, and decided you want to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself and/or your loved ones?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you're not alone. Tullos Law LLC provides expert legal advice and negotiates tailored solutions for our clients in all stages of divorce proceedings.

Benefit 1: Dissolution of your marriage is a significant life event that can drastically alter your current assets, your quality of life, and may involve future support payments when children are involved. A divorce proceeding is more nuanced and complicated than filling out a court packet, or having an automated service fill out forms to be filed at the courthouse. Having an attorney represent YOUR best interests throughout the proceeding, and having an advocate tailor solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for you, are crucial in a divorce matter.  

Benefit 2: Ending a marriage and dividing assets can be heated, contentious, and a Mediator may not be able to resolve the issues. Numerous clients and their current or soon-to-be ex-spouse enter mediation with good intentions, but ultimately end up frustrated in their attempts to resolve their issues. An expert divorce attorney can will as your guide to navigate legal complexities, all the while providing rational, grounded advice about how to handle highly-charged emotional problems that can seemingly be impossible to resolve. Time and time again, we see clients enter mediation with good intentions—often multiple rounds of mediation and/or different mediators—only to come away empty handed. Family law attorneys can often successfully negotiate and come to a settlement agreement where mediation has failed time and time again.

Benefit 3: Hiring a legal specialist WILL reduce the stress associated with a divorce. Ending a marriage is often plagued by a great deal of hate, discontent, and emotionally charged discussions that can a take a substantial toll on one's mental health and well-being. Ending a marriage will likely impact minor children involved, and can disrupt one's performance at work. Despite ongoing dissolution proceedings, life continues on, and you need to perform at work, be a loving parent, and exercise in self-care to get you through this tumultuous time in life. Unfortunately, having to file for divorce, or having been served with a divorce proceeding, and having to figure out how, when, and what to respond just layers levels of stress upon an already difficult situation. Hiring an expert divorce attorney will peel off that layer of stress due to an ongoing legal matter, freeing you up to focus on work, your children, and important pursuits. For specialized matters like family law, it's important to hire a specialist to assist, guide, and ultimately resolve your matter.

Benefit 4: Oregon is an equitable distribution state. That means that that marital property division does not have to be equal to be fair. Rather than have a bright-line rule of a 50-50 split of the sale of the proceeds of a marital asset such as a home, Oregon Courts look at matters on a case-by-case basis to determine what an equitable outcome will be for everyone involved. It is important to have an expert family law attorney in your corner advocating for why YOUR goal and proposed distribution is the equitable one.

Benefit 5: Expert advocacy is more likely to produce a favorable outcome. Clients turn to Tullos Law LLC for expert legal advice at various stages of a divorce proceeding. From contemplating separation and consulting on how assets will be divided, to having filed paperwork on their own and have now decided they need expert legal representation at trial, we assist clients throughout all stages of divorce and separation.  An attorney can tailor solutions and settlement negotiations on your behalf in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. You don't want to simply fill out court forms to the best of your ability—you want an expert attorney to carefully and diligently litigate your matter to achieve the best possible outcome. It's not enough to rattle off grievances and how you've been wronged by your ex to the judge presiding over your matter, letting the chips fall where they may (we call this the kitchen-sink approach), you want an expert attorney advocating on your behalf to allow the judge to make a favorable, equitable decision.

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Written by Jordan Beckett, Family Law Attorney

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