Domestic Violence Lawyers in Oregon


Domestic violence is a general term referring to abuse between family members, or people in the same household. 

In Oregon, there are not separate laws about domestic violence crimes. A domestic violence injury is an assault: a physical injury to another person. 

But being charged with assault against someone in your home or family is different—and more serious—than being charged with assault against a stranger. 

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, set up a free consultation with criminal defense attorney for assault.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Oregon

Protective Orders in Oregon

Protective orders are meant to protect domestic abuse and violence victims.

But the system of justice is not perfect, and sometimes, court orders are used as tools or weapons. It is rare for a person to successfully defend themselves against an unfair restraining order.  

Oregon Protective Orders: 

  • FAPA Restraining Order
  • Sexual abuse prevention order
  • Stalking protective Order
  • Extreme Risk Protection Order 

It is a crime to violate court-issued protective orders in Oregon. If you have questions about protective order violations, you should speak to a domestic violence lawyer immediately. 

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